Hey there fellow booklovers!

I love writing and I love reading, so I thought: “Why not combine the two and start a blog?!” So after a lot of overthinking and planning, this blog finally happened! (Yeii me)

All through 2017 I found myself in a pretty dark place. And when everything became too much to handle, I tried to escape by reading books. That’s how I read 50+ books in the last year alone even though I had barely time for anything besides work. In hindsight, books probably saved me from depression. They made my life a little bit better one page at a time. Doesn’t matter if I loved, liked or hated the book – reading was enough.

And then, two months ago and out of the blue, I also started writing again. Maybe it was the Christmas spirit taking over, but I simply opened up a blank Word document and started typing. Everything just came pouring out of me. I have a B.A. in Journalism and – dear GOD – I’d missed putting my thoughts to paper so much! I finally felt like I could breathe again. So, to have an excuse to keep writing I decided to blog – about something that I love and that makes me happy: BOOKS! (and yes, I am that person, who sits in front of her bookshelves just to stare at her book collection for an hour instead of doing something productive.)

Reading never fails to make me happy and I’d like to share this love with you. I want to introduce you to books – some old, some new – and to get you reading, so that maybe you can find a book (or two) that can make your life better. At the very least it will make you forget your troubles for a while. This is why I’m starting this blog: To talk about books that I think you’ll fall in love with, cry over, treasure for years or simply hate (let’s be honest, we do love to hate books sometimes 😉).

I’ll try and include a variety of different genres, from mysteries and thrillers to historical fiction, contemporary and fantasy. When reviewing books, I’ll always be honest with you. I’m looking for good books, not popular opinions.

I can’t wait to start talking about books with you! 😉

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